Sunday, February 17, 2008

LIRR / Elmhurst /

Looking up Whitney Avenue from Broadway 1929.
Anyone remember Dandy's Pizzaria?


FM Fats said...

When Dandy opened you could get a slice and a soda for twenty cents.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dandy! It was my family's go-to pizza place when I was growing up in Elmhurst in the 1980s.

Sylvie said...

Was born in "54" in Elmhurst and went to Newtown High and ate at Dandy's Pizzeria, with my cousin John "Red" Mulqueen.
We must have had pizza there about 1 million times.
Growing up there was the best.
A great era to be young.
Danny Delaney

Diane said...

I remember the day Dandy's opened! My friend and I saved our 15 cents so we could buy a slice!

Gerouxman said...

This was the first place I ever tried pizza. I loved the large chunks of mozzerella he put on. Up to that point in my life(all of 10 years) I hated tomatoes and cheese. Who knew!
Bill Geroux

Anonymous said...

Been in dandys pizza alot his name was john in elmhurst sice 1953 sill here on judge & whitney ......2014