Friday, April 3, 2009


About a year ago someone asked about Ketcham and Layton Streets and if they ever passed through Vietor Avenue before all the apartment buildings were built. Well after a year of looking and getting a very nice 1893 ward map off of Ebay I can say...... NO
It looks like both sides of Vietor ave were sold as small lots before Cord Meyer came in and laid out Layton, Ketcham and Judge etc. (originally First Street, Second Street, Third Street). The rectangle formed by Broadway, Elmhurst Ave, Judge Street and Whitney Avenue was a single parcel of land with the Samuel Lord Estate on it, and was aquired later. This let Cord Meyer continue his Diagonal grid.

The Lord Estate from the NYPL Digital Archive.

Just search "Elmhurst"


So someone reading this site (other than my family) asks if anyone can remember the name of the diner on Queens Boulevard at the North East corner of its intersection with Van Loon Street. I should remember it because I ate there a few times before it became Harbor City, but the name escapes me. Does anyone recall?