Monday, January 28, 2008

FDNY / Wandowenock

Steam pumper of the Wandowenock Engine Company #1 in front of its house on the West side of Broadway opposite Justice Avenue about 1910. All the local volunteer companies went out of business in 1913 and were replaced by a paid city fire department.

Elmhurst: from town seat to mega-suburb - Vincent J. Seyfried

FDNY / Wandowenock

Wandowenock charter I missed on Ebay

FDNY / Elmhurst Eagles

Let us not forget the "Elmhurst Eagles" of Engine 287 and Ladder 136. They reside at 86-53 Grand Avenue and are Elmhurst's first responders

FDNY / Wandowenock

The Wandownock Volunteer Fire Company began in 1843, composed of men from land owning families; only in the 1880s did German and Irish names appear on it's roster.

The Future of us all by Roger Sanjek

FDNY / Wandowenock

Two photos from the Hansen family tree page.
The sign on the wagon reads 'Hook and Ladder made by hand in Newtown in 1854 by a Newtown man out of hickory grown in Newtown - was run to fires in Newtown for fifty years'

Hansen family

Monday, January 21, 2008

FDNY / Wandowenock

Excempt Firemen's Building December 31, 1929 #Elm084

Shot available from Queenspix showing a wider view than the postcard

the site today

FDNY / Wandowenock

86-22 Broadway
Volunteer fire company Engine 1 established 09/01/1843
Ladder one established in 1890
Both replaced by paid FDNY units on 09/01/1913

FDNY / Wandowenock

Photo is of a weather vane that was on top of a fire house in Newtown L.I. (which is now Elmhurst) for almost 100 years. The Museum at the Firemen's Home in Hudson has just received this for their collection. Shown is Sam Kilmer, native of Hudson, putting the finishing touches on the weather vane. - Albany Times Union

Firefighting Museum

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Page 18

Page 17 / Sole survivor

Out of all the buildings in the Cord Meyer booklet only one survives! Hampton Street and 43 Avenue. That might not be the case for long as I have seen the property for sale for 1.8 million. The lot it sits on is quite large so I don't think anyone will be buying it to restore.

Current photo: Ted Chang
Street shot: Vincent Seyfried's "Elmhurst from town seat to mega suburb"

Page 16

Page 15

Page 14

Page 13

Vietor Avenue again.

Page 12

Page 11

Monday, January 7, 2008

Elmhurst Memorial Hall?

The home of Elmhurst Post, No. 298 (American Legion) is a memorial building, erected in 1926 by the Elmhurst Memorial League, Inc., through voluntary contributions to honor the residents of Elmhurst who served their country in the World War.

-excerpt from History of Elmhurst Post 298 American Legion 1919-1933

Recent photo by Ted Chang

Newtown Civic Association


January 28, 2008

Elmhurst Memorial Hall
88-24 43rd Avenue
Elmhurst, NY

I'm not sure if I'll make it, but the meetings are a good place
to network with others interested in the welfare and future of

Sunday, January 6, 2008

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Page 9

I know from a labelled postcard and from cross referencing with that this is probably the South West corner of Vietor Avenue where it meets Judge street (then 3rd street)

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Page 7

Page 6

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Page 2

Here is page two.

Here it comes!

You have seen the cover, now here are page 1 and 2. Compare this sales pitch to what brought you to Elmhurst.