Monday, November 26, 2007

Railroad Siding

The factory had it's own siding off the Port Washington branch of the LIRR. Hampton street bridge in distance

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Tom J in VA said...

I remember my dad would take me with him on long walks after dinner in the summertime. My mom would stay home and take care of my baby sister. Being only three or four at the time, I usually had to be carried most of the way. We'd start out near 54th Ave and Junction Blvd. (where our small, second floor apartment was) and sometimes walk all the way to the big Gas Tanks on 57th Ave near the expressway. Other times, we'd walk over to see Kolsman, the big avionics factory where my dad worked. And, sometimes we'd take a shorter walk down 94 Street, across Corona Ave and over the footbridge behind the Durkee factory. We'd stand on the footbridge, wait for a train, and then my dad would hold me up in the air and tell me to wave to the train -- the train operator always blew the whistle for me when we did that! I also remember that there were lots of small wild roses growing along the railroad fence back there - I would pick a bunch of them, stuff them in my pockets, and bring them back home for my mom.
Almost 60 years later I still have these nice memories. Thanks for posting that photo of the Durkee Bridge!!